CEU’s for LMP’s

Upcoming Classes for May 2014
Offering value added services to your clients, satisfying your CEU requirements and finding a new passion for healing is just a day away. Call, text or email today.

Reiki Level One Certification — Noon until 5:00pm, Saturday May 17
Reiki Level Two Certification — Noon until 5:00pm, Sunday May 18  

Aromatherapy, Reiki and Massage•         Chakra Energy System

•         Essential Oil Aromatherapy

•         Organic Skin Care Oil Blends

•         Usui Reiki Healing and Meditation

Expand your earning potential as a massage therapist and gain skills and knowledge that enhance your own personal health with one-day workshops at Circle Green Healing Arts. Massage therapists are uniquely qualified for the application of essential aromatherapy and energy healing techniques. Learn the safe and sumptuous use of essential oils and how to combine them with massage and the gentle art of Reiki to deepen and extend the benefits of your healing work.

All of our classes and workshops are eligible for continuing education credit. Home study and private instruction are also available. To reserve your place in the upcoming Reiki I and Reiki II Classes or for more information about natural healing contact Reiki Master Shannon Marie Svensson at: 425-377-9790. See class syllabus, visit the Circle Green events calendar and learn more at www.circlegreen.org

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From the Circle Green Cosmic Classifieds Today:

  JOB OPPORTUNITIES AND VOLUNTEER WORK: Local embassy seeks renegade merrymakers motivated to change the world through conscious attunement to the ultimate super power. Qualifications: Must be selfishly dedicated to one’s highest good, able to question all authority, and be … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

To our Reiki family and Faery friends,

Thank you for supporting our diabolical plan to take over the world with Love. Your revolutionary compassion makes all the difference. Each little smile, every eye-to-eye nod of connection, all your affirmations of goodness and acts of kindness, they radiate a naturally delicious field of influence that overrides the artificial flavoring of modern mainstream media reality.

As you know, Love is the ultimate super power, and this year Team Fabulous has seen record success. Through your painstaking dedication to loving yourself, seeing beauty in the ordinary and sharing the abundance of your ever opening hearts, you have pushed the envelope of favorable interaction. Smoochy has confirmed that the planetary love vibration is rising faster than the national debt, so thank you again for your charismatic efforts. World domination is so much funner with you!

Happy New Year from Circle Green Healing Arts!

We love you...

We love you…

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Reiki Circle, Refresher Courses and Smoochy’s Favorite Color

Reiki Reminders:
Green Reiki Circle Tonight Wednesday August 28, 2013 from 7-10pm at the yurt.
Reiki Level One – Saturday, September 14th, 2013
Reiki Level Two – Sunday September 15th, 2013
Reiki Master Training – Saturday/Sunday Nov. 16th and 17th
Reiki Refresher Courses available for all levels of Reiki training, see description and prices below.

 Smoochy’s Favorite Color

When Smoochy goes people watching, which for him is very much like bird watching or treasure hunting is for humans, he beholds his landscape, seeking that which sparkles most beautifully. Watching the world is like a concert of color for those who look with their heart… and Smoochy finds it thrilling to see all the different ways in which love shines. Here are a few favorite colors from Smoochy’s rainbow.

  • Angel White, that golden white glow seen through closed eyes when within the presence of the Angelic Realms.
  • Ultra Violet, the quasi-invisible brilliance that glows around living things, especially flowers, mountains and happy people.
  • Darkness aka Black, the complete absence of visual stimulus, the dark is restful for tired eyes and emotions. Smoochy welcomes the rejuvenating abyss of silent color.
  • Pink, soft, sweet and squishy to roaring outrageous magenta, pink is a power onto its own.
  • Opalescence is a dance of color both distinct and inseparable, a kaleidoscope of riotous mosaic harmony like the aurora borealis.
  • Shiny – although shiny is not a color, it is the one Smoochy likes best.


Reiki Refresher Courses
Channeling Reiki energy is intuitively simple; capturing the details and subtle nuances of the Art of Reiki can be far more complex. Are you a student of Reiki who seeks deeper knowledge about the topic of energy healing?

Sign up for Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki master training as a Reiki Refresher Course and receive a stronger orientation and re-introduction to the practice of Reiki. Meet fresh Reiki enthusiasts, stimulate your motivation, and experience the sacred ceremony of Reiki attunement on a new deeper level.

Sit in on a daylong retreat into healing, storytelling and hands on instruction with new Reiki students for as little as $50 (returning Circle Green students $50, all other lineages $75 per class). To renew your mastery of this gentle meditative practice, contact Circle Green Healing Arts today.


More class details….

Reiki Level One – September 14th
Tuition $150, class hours 12-5pm No prerequisite

Reiki Level Two – September 15th
Tuition $250, class hours 12-5pm (Reiki I & II $350) Open to all Reiki level one initiates.

Reiki Master Training Weekend – Saturday/Sunday Nov. 16th and 17th
Tuition $600, class hours 12-5pm prerequisite: six months of Reiki II experience, plus 2 elective natural healing arts workshops, equivalent training considered)

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Take a class in health, happiness and wholeness…

Explore a heart-centered look at wellness with practical hands-on classes that connect the dots between health, happiness and wholeness. Join the Circle Green Healing Arts Facebook page for invitations to our classes and events.

“Reiki training is the most practical way I know to put the power of positive energy into people’s hands. Reiki class lasts only one day, the student’s connection to Reiki lasts a lifetime.”   - Shannon



Reiki Core Training

Reiki Level One – Saturday September 14th 2013
Tuition $150, class hours 12-5pm, No prerequisite

Reiki Level Two – September 15th 2013
Tuition $250, class hours 12-5pm (Reiki I & II $350) Open to all Reiki level one initiates.

Reiki Master Training Weekend – Saturday/Sunday Nov. 16th and 17th 2013
Tuition $600, class hours 12-5pm (prerequisite: six months of Reiki II experience plus 2 elective healing arts courses or instructor permission)

Natural Healing Arts Workshops
Tuition $100, open to all levels of experience
Affirmation and the Power of Word – 12-3pm Saturday October 5th 2013
Rainbow Bridge Chakra Attunement – 12-3pm Sunday October 6th 2013

Green Reiki Circle
7-10pm, Wednesday, August 28th 2013, at the Yurt in Snohomish, Washington

The Green Reiki Circle is a meeting place for natural healing arts students and Reiki practitioners. Familiar faces and new friends are welcome. Please call in advance if it is your first time to the circle. Come if you enjoy meeting people who generate positive energy. Come if you are curious about alternative healing methods and have yet to try one. And if you’re the kind of person who has always lived your life knowing that the power of Love is as real as sunshine, then definitely come to the Green Reiki Circle. We would like to meet you.

Engaging in the practice of Reiki, by either giving or receiving a Reiki treatment, is like spending time in the timeless glowing steam of love that backlights all of creation. It feels good, in a rejuvenating, wholesome, uplifting way that defies description until experienced. The relaxing effects of Reiki energy are subtle, gentle and profoundly soothing to the mind and body. If you love Love, you may well fall in love with Reiki healing.

To register for classes, attend the  Reiki Circle and to find out more about natural healing, contact Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Shannon Marie Svensson, email shannon@circlegreen.org, phone/text 425-422-1641 and 425-377-9790.
Learn more at www.circlegreen.org

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An Invocation of the Goddess

Blessed are the lovers of the great green earth and the white moon among the stars. Lo, I am the mystery of the waters and it is my hand that changes the tides and seasons. It is the sweetness of my body that lingers on the tongue like ripe fruits on the vine. I call upon your soul to arise now and come unto me, for I am the song of nature that gives life to the universe.

Exult my spirit with joyfulness so that my blessings may pour forth from bliss. Sing, feast, dance, make music, mirth and love, all in my presence, for mine is the timeless ecstasy of the being and mine also is the tangible paradise of earthly form. Let my worship be in the innocent delights of the heart, for behold
~ all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility with my invocation. And you who seek to know me, know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not, unless you know the mystery. I have been with you from the beginning, and I am that which is found at the end of desire.

Arranged by Smoochy the Frog -
Inspired by Doreen Valiente’s Charge of the Goddess

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Not just a capricious, hedonistic daydream – the Goddess Party is real

The Goddess Party
I wasn’t just another vision-of-paradise fantasy drifting through my head. The Goddess Party is real…and the first one is this Saturday!
It happened not long ago, while daydreaming with an optimistic mystical friend, she and I dreamed of the perfect Goddess Party. We would spend the whole day relaxing in the company of goddesses, walking in nature, bedecked with leafy garlands on our heads, sipping green smoothies and laughing.
There would be soft places to sit, warmth from the sun, protection from the rain and easy smiles on our faces. There would be an altar adorned with crystals and stones and flowers dedicated to the wisdom of the indwelling spirit of the divine.
We wanted fresh aromatic concoctions for body and soul. Sugar scrubs for the skin, exotic essential oil perfume to enhance our feminine essence, magical mud baths, steamy herbal saunas and handsome men to come and rub our bodies with organic chocolate coconut oil, rose petals on our nipples and someone else to make dinner.
You are the reason it’s real. I thought the idea of a goddess party was a capricious hedonistic daydream, until said out loud to the likes of yew. My goddess girlfriends didn’t say no, they asked me WHEN.
NOW, is the answer, and on and on and on – starting this Saturday.
Goddess Party at the Home Tree School of Natural Healing in Snohomish – Noon to 9:30pm, Saturday, June 13th 2013
Call or text Shannon at 425-422-1641 to register
Visit the calendar page of www.circlegreen.org for more details

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More Pictures of the Totem Feathers Class…

Totem Feather Class Picture 2013

Totem Feather Class Picture 2013

Richard showing how to clean and cre for feathers.
Richard showing how to clean and care for our feathers.
Richard Welch trimming feathers
Richard Welch demonstrating how to trim and shape feathers


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Totem Feather Class and the Gift of the Bird Nation

Lives begin to change at the same moment the decision is made to take a step forward and learn something new. As a Reiki master teacher at Circle Green Healing Arts, I have seen just how swiftly the energy can shift for a person when they sign up for a class that really calls to them.

In the days surrounding my attendance at Richard Welch’s Totem Feather class, the airy presence of bird totem was profound, even for a miracle junkie like me. Large turkey-buzzards seamed to perpetually dot the skies on the two day trip to eastern Washington that I took just before the class. The dark auspicious birds were seen landing in a nearby field, soaring high aloft in pairs and moving west in and unorganized assembly along the ridge line of the overlooking hills.

Mr. Rufus Humming Bird, Eagle, Hawk and Song Bird also made their presence known, yet the overriding message was definitely from Buzzard. The powerful presence of this transformational totem went to great lengths to draw my attention. On my last stop out of town, a dark-haired deputy sheriff smiled and opened the door of the convenience store for me. His name, are you ready? The one who opened the way for me on my journey home was none other than Officer Ottis Buzzard – no kidding.

The day of the class was a hoot too (owl humor). Richard showed us all about the use of sage and sweet grass as an energetic cleansing tool before beginning shamanic and spiritual work. Then we learned the best practices for cleaning, clearing and caring for our feathers. Everyone was invited to select a personal feather from Richard’s collection and make their own feather bundle. When we were done crafting, Richard demonstrated how to use our feathered fan for healing.

That evening, after the Totem Feather class I went to a little gathering and playfully soothed the auras of my friends with the airy strokes of my smudging feather fan. It’s made of turkey and pheasant with tufts of fox and wolf with a fringe of white doe skin at the bottom of the quill. As we snacked and made music with percussion and string, our hostess offered up a wishbone to pull. With one lucky snap, I was awarded the honor of asking the universe for anything that I wanted. My wish was for our success! I want us to light up and shine to our utmost shiniest delight!

Taking part in Richard’s Feather Totem Class helped me realize the deeper spiritual strength of our fine feathered friends. The Spirit of Air was dropping heavy hints about how to float with the phases of change. Buzzard, who honors death and makes use of the loss, was encouraging my inner transformation. Mr. Rufus Hummingbird and the others wanted to let me know that they are always with me, loving me. And my human friends, they fed me, cheered me with music and then, with the wishbone of a chicken, offered up the magical means to wish for anything my heart desired.

All of these things wove together around me and I felt very blessed, as though the wish I made earlier was already working. Yet the Bird Nation is so sweet and so generous, it arranged for a final message to be delivered that evening, one that would remind me that dreams can be reborn, especially among supportive friends.

The hour was late and the morning early, so the time came to pack up the instruments for the night. I had been playing my girlfriend’s little wooden maraca in our song circle for fun. She said she liked the way I shook it and asked me to keep it as a gift. In that moment, whether she knows it or not, my friend became the secret emissary of the Bird Nation. I gratefully accepted the spontaneous gift of friendship. It was so perfect I could feel my head begin to spin. The beautiful hand-painted rattle is carved into the shape of an egg. How crazy good it that! Oh, praise be to those with wings and to those who love them.

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Circle Green Healing Arts has new classes for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Totem Feather Class – $45
Sunday April 28th time: noon- 2:30pm
Location: Circle Green Healing Arts, Snohomish, Wash. 98290
Instructor: Richard Welch

Bring your feathers and discover the wisdom, power and protection of Bird Totems with a captivating show-and-tell of the native history and shamanic use of feather totems. Richard has many stories to share and will show you how to craft your own feathers into a sacred object. Take home new insight into the comings and goings of birds in your life, and learn to create things of beauty and power with the feathered gifts offered up to us by the ones with wings.

Richard Welch is a traditional tribal singer, ceremonialist and craftsman, brought up in the ways of the local Coast Salish people. He is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and feels honored to count them among his many family members. Richard carries with him the indigenous knowledge of many healing and shamanic practices and teaches them with humor and soft spoken wisdom.

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