Green Reiki Circle – an opportunity for therapeutic stress relief and world take over

Join us in Circle Green’s diabolical plot to heal the earth and its inhabitants so we may live our lives unimpeded by the pain and negativity of needless stress that lurks within the heart of humanity. Our mission is to amplify the vibration of love, light and mirth on the planet with the unlimited power of Reiki energy, enlivening every heart within our sphere so that the people we meet along the way are jollier, less grumpy and far more fun. We like it better that way.

Smoochy and I acknowledge that plotting to de-stress an entire planet for our own selfish gain is diabolical enough as it is and that asking you to help us with this sinister hedonistic plan by accepting free Reiki treatments that energetically harmonize your mind body and spirit to the vibration of happiness probably goes too far by conventional thinking.

So before joining forces with the Green Reiki Circle there is something else you must know. Reiki is as energizing and uplifting to the giver as it is to the receiver.  That’s right, no matter how much Reiki energy is channeled for others, it is the Reiki practitioner who is first filled with love and light. Secretly Reiki is outrageously self serving and egocentrically gratifying because it empowers the Reiki practitioner while appearing on the surface to be purely giving and altruistic. That little known truth is part of the twinkle in a Reiki master’s smile. So no matter which way you look at, being selfless is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

The Green Reiki Circle is open to all levels of skill and practice of Reiki. Our evening includes introductions and networking, harmonizing and grounding exercises, giving and receiving of Reiki energy treatments and group visualization for planetary healing. If it is your first time to our circle give us a call or email for more information.

The Green Reiki Circle is a free event and donations are welcome. Some of the sweetest gifts have been homegrown and handmade offerings, songs, poetry and organic snacks. Money, that most liquid element of manifestation is also gratefully accepted, cash check and credit cards. No matter what you may have to share, know that your gratitude is thanks enough and that silly, happy, rather inspired look on your face after a Reiki session is priceless and precious to us in and of itself.  

It is our pleasure month after month to offer a safe and friendly atmosphere to satisfy and intensify your curiosity about bio-energy and the benefits of Reiki. We consider referrals to be one of the highest compliments. If you come and find benefit in what you experience with Green Reiki Circle, please share it with your friends and family. They can help us wage peace, first in our own hearts and then the world.

About Smoochy

Circle Green Healing Arts in Snohomish, Washington has been a local hub for the study and practice of energy medicine since 2005. Our focus is top quality Reiki treatment and Usui Reiki training our goal is the vibrant health of the Mind, Body and Spirit. For further information about how Usui Reiki can improve health and vitality visit our website.
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